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As reported nationally, Austin is experiencing growth second to none in the US! Sales of existing residences, and new construction is on the rise...even more than in previous years! Exciting news for those moving to or relocating within the Austin area, for those selling a home and those purchasing an existing, or building a new, residence. Contractors, architects/designers, and engineers are inundated with work. Real estate agents are busier than ever.

As a result, an abundance of applications are being presented daily, adding to the workload of city employees. Increased workload equals longer wait times and increased turnaround time ~ resulting in lengthened permit acquisition.

Additionally, with the new year, added requirements have been instated to the permitting process. These requirements affect 'McMansion' specific areas, criteria regarding architects, zoning changes and fee increases. Code violations are increasing, largely due to construction/improvements/remodeling without permit. Expired permit and/or unpermitted work is detected with much more frequency in existing homes during the selling/purchasing process.

These factors confirm, more than ever, the need for a permitting service. No one has the spare time to deal with permitting. The Permit Lady assists homeowners, contractors, architects, engineers and real estate agents on every level of concern.

Please do not hesitate to contact me....the sooner I begin, the more quickly you are relieved of the weight of permitting. I do all the work, so you can enjoy the new year and all the wonderful things Austin has to offer!

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